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Greenwell Energy Solutions Acquires Exclusive Energy Services

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Greenwell’s Data Acquisition System (DAS) mixing plants provide optimal chemical delivery.

DAS mixing plants reduce clients’ costs through optimal chemical utilization and exact injection rates.

HOUSTON, Jan. 19, 2017—Greenwell Energy Solutions (Greenwell), an independent specialty provider of completion and production services for the upstream energy industry, today announced it acquired Exclusive Energy Services (Exclusive). Exclusive provides highlyautomated, Data Acquisition System (DAS) mixing plants that enable optimal chemical mixing and delivery for coil tubing, work-over and frac jobs.

“We’re combining Exclusive’s DAS mixing plants with our chemical portfolio to bring down costs for customers,” said James Kiser, President of Greenwell. “The DAS systems more accurately dose specialty chemicals, using the right quantities, at the right time. And we test well fluids in our in-house laboratory so we know ahead of time the most effective chemicals to use. Customers use lower chemical volumes, more effective chemicals and have quality data to make better decisions.”

Exclusive’s DAS mixing plants are technology-driven and use data acquisition to continuously improve job performance. The units ‘learn’ different well complexities and their associated chemicals and injection rates, improving chemical programs for future jobs. Exclusive’s plant operators are highly trained and average 12 years in the industry.

“We’ve had significant growth in our mixing plant business as customers are impressed with how our units perform and the technical strength of our operators,” continued Kiser. “The acquisition gives us a larger fleet of DAS units and we can successfully execute even the most complex jobs through the advanced technology.”

The DAS mixing plants leverage command centers where technicians monitor circulating and well head pressures, temperatures, T.D.S., pH levels, viscosity, and other critical readings within the safety of the cabs. Technicians also test fluids inside the command centers, creating virtual mobile laboratories. Customers can log in remotely any time for real-time monitoring of their readings. Electronic post-job reports provide critical data to improve decision making for future wells.

“We’re excited to offer our combined customers new improvements in their chemical programs in a time where the industry is moderately recovering but commodity prices are still stagnant,” said Eric Hershcap, co-owner of Exclusive. “We’re confident our teams will provide customers the technical expertise they have come to expect but now with additional operating efficiencies that impact the bottom line.”

With the acquisition, Greenwell now operates 16 mixing plants, seven of them equipped with data acquisition systems.

About Greenwell Energy Solutions Greenwell Energy Solutions is an independent specialty supplier of completion and production services for the upstream energy industry. Its solutions span proprietary-blended chemicals, well stimulation, chemical delivery systems and wholesale equipment that drive efficiencies and reduce clients’ operating costs. Through countless R&D hours and rigorous testing, Greenwell is able to ensure its solutions perform reliably on every project. The company operates eleven offices across the Southern U.S., serving hundreds of customers and treating thousands of wells in the Gulf Coast region including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and the Gulf of Mexico. For more information, visit

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