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Safety At The Coffee Pot

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I have watched over the years how safety in the workplace has evolved. Higher regulatory standards being set and companies investing more resources into workplace safety. I am very proud of the progression we have made over time. I remember an oilfield where I wore the dirty coveralls, boots and hardhats; it had very little organized safety…it still gives me a cold chill to think of some of the choices we made to get the job done that could have ended my life or my co-workers’ lives.

As much as safety has progressed in the workplace, I still cherish those moments when I come face to face with, what I consider, the foundation of safety in its simplest form…” the individual value we put on the preservation of the quality of life and life itself…for ourselves and others.” That is what drives us to make the right choices in safety when the wrong way may seem easier, faster or cheaper.
I was reminded of that driving value when I met up with Ruben at the coffee pot in Odessa. It was a meeting by chance, but was one that left a smile, I believe, on both our faces. I introduced myself to Ruben and he did the same in return. I asked him if he was going to be safe today. He paused for a moment, and then replied, “I am going to try.” I replied with a smile on my face, “That sounds like it has a little room to not be successful.” We paused for a moment, then I asked Rueben about his family. There was no hesitation as he shared with me how special his wife is; the efforts and trials that were faced in having a family, but through it all they would be blessed with their beautiful daughter. They would even give her, as one of her names, the name Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards). To hear their story and see the light this young lady put in her Dad’s eye would leave no doubt in your mind that the name they chose for her was fitting. I asked Ruben how important was it for him to get home every evening. He said, “REAL important, my wife and my daughter are my world, I don’t know what I would do without them!” I would then say, “How important do you think you are to your wife and that baby girl of yours? And how important do you think it is to them that you make it home safe at the end of the day, EVERY DAY?” We paused for a moment, then I asked him, “Are you going to be safe today?” Ruben said, “Yes sir I am!” This time there was no room for question or any other outcome, but getting home safely. I really appreciated Ruben and this conversation.

We were both reminded of life’s values as drivers, driving Ruben’s decision-making in safety, as well as driving my mutual respect of and support of, for my fellow employee’s safety success. I believe all of us have those driving values like Ruben, that should drive good, sound decision making in doing our job safely and insuring others do the same, all the time.

The complete stats are not in for 2017 yet, but 2016 saw 5190 people lose their lives in the workplace. Countless non-fatal injuries that ended and changed lives…many lives forever. Dreams that were potential hopeful memories ended for many…not for just those that lost their lives in the workplace. The Greenwell stats are something to be proud of as we close 2017 and consider 2018. 2017 stats show that the Greenwell Team was not a part of the workplace injury problem, but is showing that we are working to be a part of the solution to workplace injury and fatality.

Ruben Garcia (left) and John Dee


Remember, Safety is not something you do! Safe is something you are! Always remember and consider the values in your life and the importance of them driving you and those around you in BEING safe in all you do. On and off the job. We will continue to build and polish the Greenwell culture, reflecting that PROFESSIONALS do QUALITY work, resulting in SAFE and SUCCESSFUL outcomes…every time! We are the PROFESSIONAL GREENWELL TEAM!

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